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Mike Doyle
“Mike Doyle is a charming consummate professional”
Wyn Calvin.

"Incredible...Mike is perfect for the QM2" Ray Rouse Entertainment Director Cunard.
"A sensational performer" Gary Glading
Cruise Director Norwegian Cruise Lines
"World Class Act" Ruth Madoc.
"Quite Brilliant" Max Boyce.

“Incredible!...received a 12 minute standing ovation, no wonder they call him the UK’s best all round entertainer” Western Mail.

“The ebullient Welsh entertainer” Bob Monkhouse

"I have known Mike for many years and his warmth and spirit as well as immense talent as a superb singer and entertainer has endeared him to his fans all over the World” Gareth Edwards   

“Mike Doyle is one of the best live performers you will ever see on land or at sea!”
Leon De St Cuiox- Cruise Director Ventura.

“One of the nicest and most
talented guys I Know”
Mal Pope July 1st 2010

“Mike Doyle is one of the best acts
I have ever seen”
Hughie Taylor - Cruise Director P&O Oceana

“When I think of the best of show-business, I remember the National Theatre, the Royal Ballet and all the artistes and producers toiling away in London's West End and on Broadway. I can think of no better way of summing up show-fun than by describing the very best, Mike Doyle”.
Hugh Wooldridge West End and Broadway Director/Producer

“Live performances of popular songs are becoming something of a rarity on television. 'The backing track' is everywhere and many artistes have come to view a TV appearance as a play-it-safe plugging tool rather than as opportunity to give a unique, adrenalin-charged performance. As a result, music on TV often lacks the sparkle and excitement that are generated when a group of performers are doing it for real .These full-on totally committed Mike Doyle performances, backed by some of the very finest musicians in the world, are just about as real as it gets, captured under the hot lights of a TV studio with the clock ticking, the cameras turning and the red light on.
Chris Stuart
(Creative Director, Presentable for BBC Wales)

Over the past nine years, this company has established an enviable reputation for family entertainment, enabling the annual panto to tour from mid-November to late February. This year’s offering is certainly up to standard, with lots of knockabout fun, jokes, topical telly references, songs, dances, so many opportunities for audience participation, all without losing the appeal of the fairy tale. Heading the cast as Jack is Mike Doyle, whose comedy is spot-on. He handles the romantic side effectively too, his solos showing yet again what a fine voice he has. Contributing to the fun is James Caredig as Dame Trot, abrasive and very much the chap in outrageous frocks. Rhian Griffith scores as the Princess, her duets with Doyle being a real highlight. The whip-cracking Fleshcreep of Richard Tunley earns his boos with a forceful performance, while Bethan Thomas as the cute Fairy possesses a piercing laugh that would drown a train whistle. Ian Phillips supports as King Crumble. The New Cottage dancers perform well-drilled routines, Rachel Ford and Nicky Jenkins essay Cerys the cow and the uncredited Giant Blunderbore roars a lot of fee-fi-fo-fums when he smells the blood of a Welshman. Well, we are in Wales, after all.

Jack and the Beanstalk  - The Stage 2010

Mike Doyle, Gareth bale, Sam Davies and Richard Tunley star as four nightclub bouncers working on the door of Cinderella’s, a nightclub which attracts a wide variety of characters intent on having a good time: the actors play more than 20 roles during the course of this sublimely constructed comedy, including a quartet of splendidly sizzled women (who perform the time-honoured ritual of dancing around their handbags) and a group of leery lads with an insatiable appetite for alcohol.
In the midst of the frenetic energy and clever comedic exchanges, there are also more reflective moments underpinned with genuine pathos: Mike Doyle’s thick-eared character Lucky Eric, in particular, gets a chance to show his sensitive and caring side in a series of thought-provoking monologues which are delivered with absolute conviction.
In short, a triumph.
Graham Williams
“Bouncers” Swansea Grand Theatre 4/11/2009

The versatile Mike Doyle is the stand out hit of the show as Buttons. A true all-rounder who sings powerfully, his rapport with his audience is immediate and direct, while handling the sentiment as effectively as the gags and bringing his own personal touch to time-honoured panto routines. His pretend transformation scene is both funny and touching, making the actual transformation finale to the first half all the more eye-pleasing.

“Cinderella”- The Stage Jan 4th 2008

The ever-popular Mike Doyle bustles about as the cheeky tongue-twisted Muddles, establishing instant rapport with the youngsters, but also leaving space for a touching line of pathos. Lloyd Davies works well with him as Nurse Tydfil, a tough cookie indeed with the proverbial heart of gold.

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” - The Stage Dec 17th 2008

Evergreen Welsh superstar performer Mike Doyle moves this very lively, energetic, bright and hysterically funny pantomime along at a slick fast pace, He certainly knows what it takes to succeed in panto, and his moving and show stopping rendition of “You Raise Me Up” is certainly a highlight, and proves that vocally Mike is up there with the best that Wales has ever produced. On top of this he interacts with the other cast members effortlessly and unselfishly.

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”
Jan 28th 2009

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